Our Mission

All Americans nationwide deserve the most urgent and best quality emergency care, no matter where you are located. American Telestroke & Neurology believe that it is our mission to serve the nation with our team of highly trained and dedicated Neurological specialists in the U.S. who have years of experience with acute stroke and cerebrovascular disease. American Telestroke and Neurology Inc. A healthcare organization dedicated to Americans Nationwide for fighting against stroke, a catastrophic condition, leading cause of disability and death after heart disease. If not treated on time, the results are almost always fatal or lifelong disability. With the most advanced and reliable technologies to date which allows rapid access to our healthcare, we are able to provide urgent evaluations by Stroke Specialists along with the recommendation of the newest medications available in accordance to the standard of care FDA approved through emergency departments. With these new standard of care recommendations, there has been a significant decline in disability and worst outcomes according to the American Heart and Stroke Foundation and Interventional Trials.

Dr. Khan President and CEO states that “No matter where you are, or how bad your condition is, we will dedicate ourselves to serve and treat you at a glance, as many hospital’s not being a stroke center, cannot offer urgent stroke care to patients due to the lack of stroke specialists.”

Our organization goal, rapid and up-to-date effective care for Americans which is cost effective, in longer term saves disability, psychological trauma to the families and a major reduction in national health budget & taxpayers dollars.